Wednesday, July 21, 2010

goodness gracious.

it's probably too late at night for me to write a coherent post. for this, you have my most sincere apologies. but I'm tired. and felt like it would be nice to blog. you can often tell if I'm tired by the way I write. if it sounds random and.... maybe like I've been doing drugs.... it just means I'm tired. I promise I haven't done drugs. well, not the hard kind. just kidding. I did the hard kind. just kidding. I did the soft kind. just kidding. I don't do drugs. I just drink vodka. just kidding. I don't drink. just kidding, I do. drink. water. and sometimes juice. and every blue moon, I have pop.

I have a few things to say. but I won't say them with as many words as they deserve. for the above reason.

yesterday, I was working at that glorious place of endless knowledge, otherwise known as the Library, and a wee little girl was there with her mom and brothers and sisters. she looked to be about 2 or 3. she could walk. and talk in a very small child sort of voice. that's how how she was. and she had brilliant blonde hair that was in little curls all about her head, and her cheeks were round and rosy, and she had big liquid blue eyes. she was walking around... sort of wandering more-so than walking. and she kept saying, "I wanna BE somebody... I wanna be somebody..." in her little lost sounding voice. and I thought, aw... me too! and her mom was laughing and telling her that she WAS somebody... somebody very special. I thought it was a cute story. and it made me think for some reason. but I don't know what reason...

tonight, I went for a walk. at night. alone. I do this often. you may not think that this is very smart, and I may be inclined to agree with you, depending on the night. but I got some street smarts. so don't worry about me, ok? cause I know you were. worrying that is. anyway. on my walk. tonight. I was walking quickly... and listening to music.... and looking at my toes... and then I looked up just in time to see something wobbling away as fast as it could, and it had a black and white tail and it was about 5 ft. away from me. if I had taken 2 more steps, I'm sure I would have come home a stinking mess.

this one is real interesting. I just got back from a mission trip to Costa Rica this past Saturday.

this one time, in Costa Rica, me and a group of people hiked down this HUGE mountain... into a valley, where we helped build a church and did medical clinics and such. but that is besides the point. the point of this part of my story, is that me and mi amigas made a game. each night we had to sleep in tents. so each morning we would wake up and share with each other what we felt like. for example: "this morning I feel like someone threw me in a washing machine and then wrung me through a wringer and then placed me in a dryer to tumble dry. only I missed out on the getting clean part." it was a wonderfully fun game and always got our morning started off with laughter. last night, my friend asked me what I felt. this was my reply: I feel like a sloth in a Mario Kart race. only with lots of twists and turns. and choices to make. quickly. someone just shot grit in my eyeballs from their tires, so that they (my eyeballs) feel like fire ants are playing a game of marbles underneath my eyelids. my back muscles are wound up tighter like the braids in a show-horse's mane. my heart feels strapped upon the back of a bucking bronco that is stuck in an old, silent, slow motion film.

sometimes it's more fun though.

I have more stories. but they may have to wait. I'm going on a road trip to California next week. how wicked awesome is that?! like.... totally. (I'm all brushed up on my surf lingo now.)

I should go to bed now. Cheryl is waiting to read this. love you friend. sweet dreams.