Sunday, December 30, 2012

found one.

i found something to say!

you may not care. well then... you stop reading. you stop it right now. and go home. or go write a blog about blonde girls who writes about dumb things.

blogger has changed a lot since i last used it. after my last post, i was clicking around... checking things out. trying to keep up with technology. you can see how many times your page has been viewed. and what country it was viewed from. and let me tell you. interesting.... v-e-r-y interesting.

it shows me that in the last week, there were six page views from Canada. three page views from the United States. okay... sounds about right. i'm almost surprised it's so many.

but i have a question. why have there been twenty-two page views from Russia.
twenty-two. look how many letters it takes to write out that big of a number. twenty-two. Russia.

something to think about as i go to sleep i guess. don't worry. i have a glock under my pillow.


i need help! i'm having writer's block.... in my entire life! i haven't written in my journal in forever (but that's a bit of a different situation anyway) and i haven't blogged either. obviously. i haven't taken my camera for a walk. i haven't drawn, or painted... or knit or baked! what's happening to me? will it always be like this!? my creativity is evaporating. i'm actually not that concerned.... i feel like it's mostly just a matter of re-arranging life and making savoring life and creating more of a priority. also i think i've been savoring different areas of life. different doesn't have to be bad. so you needn't worry too much. but maybe a little much.

but let's just focus on the blogging thing here. i. feel. like. i. have. nothing. to. say. well, nothing anyone really cares to hear about anyway.... (myself included) i mean, sure, i could ramble about something... i'm sure of it. but. there is already so much noise. so many people sharing their knowledge and opinions and creativity. so many people sharing their complaints and joys. it's all been said. or in this case, written. typed. you don't care to know what i ate for breakfast. (well, maybe you do... and that's real sweet of you) you've seen the funny youtube video. you've heard more opinions than care to... on guns.. and the hobbit... and photo radar... and colored jeans. you've tried that nice tea. you've heard 1,000,000 new years resolutions and you don't agree with them anyway. you don't want to know what books i'm reading. you don't need any more new music and if you did we might have very different taste. you saw a pretty sunset too. you smelled coffee and were transported to another world for the briefest of moments.

also, i don't really think anyone reads this... well, probably my mom. but it's easy to not write when it feels like you have nothing to say and no one to say it to. i suppose the point of blogging for myself was really just that... for myself. but obviously i'm putting it out there for people to read. i guess it can be a way of keeping in touch with the loved ones who are far off. but.. i mean, really. how deep will i get in a blog post. at this point, not very. although, who knows. the words may flow and flow and suddenly... we're in. real deep.

but the words aren't flowing. i probably just need to begin. but that's always the hardest part.

inspire me.... ?