Monday, March 7, 2011

Miss... not Mrs.

so I have a few things that have happened in my life since we last spoke. important things, such as flying back to winter, and getting very ill, and getting a job. this post is mostly going to be about the very last thing. and maybe a little about the first. and preferably not at all about the one in the middle. cause that one is over. and I'm trying to keep the memory out of my consciousness.

I have a new job. it's quite different from the jobs I've done before. most of the people I'm dealing with through the course of the day are under three and a half feet. I'm an "educational assistant" in a kindergarten classroom. and there are fourteen children. fourteen. fourteen. it's.... an adventure. it really is. and they really say the funniest things. such as.....

-"Miss Chochrane, Miss Cochrane.... she said "duh" and duh is a swear word!"
-"(name inserted here) just said the O word! they said, "oh my gosh!""
-"are you a mom?" "no" "then what are you?"
-(taking off her glasses) "this is how I looked when I was young"
-"I'm in love with Justin Beaver"
-"I was here a looonnnnggg time ago. like when I was four!"

and a plethora of others. I'm sure you'll be hearing more and more about them. they have astounding personalities. but they haven't all caught that I'm a Miss.... not a Mrs. but I've begun to correct them in earnest as of today.

also, it's winter. and I'm ready.... no, I am SO ready for it not to be. but. things are looking promising. spring MUST be just around the corner. and I can't really go traipsing off to a hot place every time I get tired of the cold, now can I? ... can I? hm.
... well, I don't really want to leave, anyway.

so I suppose I'll just have to wait for the diamond dust to melt and convince the spring grass to grow the brightest green it's ever thought of growing.....

I hate mini eggs. and that hate grows with each egg that goes into my mouth.

also, I tried making falafels last night for a potluck I had with friends. they were nicknamed "awful falafels". you can tell the depth of their success by that nickname.

I'ma gunna go craft now. or something along those lines....

someday I'll share another photo with you. honest.