Thursday, February 3, 2011

did you know?

spiders can grow to be quite large? they can. and they can jump on your back, and begin building a web... but you won't even notice until you look in the mirror. and see something on your back. oh... weird... is that your hair? and just while you're wondering at what that is, it'll fly through the air, like Peter Pan. and land with a thud on the counter top in the bathroom. and before your mind has fully realized what that is or even made the connection that it was on you, your mouth has opened and sound flies out. a sound that is something akin to a scream. but not a scream. your brain catches up. and you clutch your heart so it doesn't race right out of your chest. you step back... slowly.... and go find some boy to handle this situation. and you feel like less of a silly girl when you realize that they don't really like big spiders either. but they help you anyway. and the spider goes for a swim down the toilet. and now, you can shower in peace.

also... did you know?

you can ruin your iPod by having your water bottle barely open in your bag. and it can hold incredible amounts of water. and then, those same boys will help you be knowledgeable enough to totally take apart your iPod. and put it in a container of rice. and then you can hope that you'll be able to get all the rice out... and hope that you'll be able to put it back together. and then you can hope that it will work for you again.

and HERE is a little break for you... from all that learning.