Thursday, September 9, 2010

big talk.

somedays, I talk big. I can be pretty good at it too. which maybe isn't the best thing...? maybe. anyway. let's not dwell on that too much. there is this boy who goes to my church, and he really, really likes to play video games. and when I say really, really, I mean REALLY, REALLY. and.... well, he's very good at playing them. maybe that's why he likes them so much... or maybe he's good, BECAUSE he likes playing. either way, he. is. good. like, his-brother-works-in-a-video-game-store good. and so this one time.... well, I can't really remember how it all started.... (that seems to be a common thing lately. weird.) but it started. and I think that it started as he was going off about how good he was/is at playing video games. and... well... I piped up. and told him how I am SO good at N64.
and I said I could beat him.
and I did make myself perfectly clear and told him that I had no video gaming skills outside of N64.... or maybe even some Super Nintendo. he asked about Golden Eye.... and I told him that the only games I am very good at playing are Mario Kart and Smash Bros. and I told him I could beat him. he was in front of his friends and told me that he would beat me at any video game. ever. and I could pick. so I did. I said I would beat him at Mario Kart. then, we decided to make it a real, somethings-on-the-table sort of battle. (again. maybe that's bad....) so, we decided that we would play best 3 out of 5 games. loser buys winner a twister. (if you don't know what a twister is.... well, I feel very sad for you. a twister is a joyous blend of half soft ice cream and half slushie. it tastes good with so many different kinds, but I adore the lime crush. it tastes like I imagine key-lime pie would taste.) so, the bet was on.
tonight, we had the battle.
sometimes, I talk big.
sometimes.... it gets me into trouble.
tonight, it did not.
I won.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I can't remember what began this thought process, but the other day I was suddenly and very clearly reminded of how, when I was but a wee little thing, my dad used to come into my bedroom when I was all tucked into bed... snug like a bug in a rug, and he would lean down to give me a kiss goodnight. I liked this very much. I like kisses and hugs and mushy things like those. BUT... moreso what I remembered is how every now and then, he would rub his cheek against mine and even dare to tickle in that ticklish spot on my neck. this sounds fine and dandy... maybe even "nice".... but you can't imagine the effect it had on me! you see, whenever he would do this, he usually hadn't shaved that day... and so he had whiskers. and it tickled like you wouldn't even believe. when this would happen, I would promptly burst into giggles and squeal like.... like.... something that squeals loudly and joyfully. maybe a train whistle. and squirm. of course. but I loved every minute of it. absolutely loved it. and after a moment you'd hear Mom call, "Rob. Don't get her all wound up!" too late. poor moms. they sometimes get the short end of the stick. you get your kid all settled and then.... Dad goes to say "goodnight". sigh. but I'm fairly certain that each night the whisker incident happened, I fell asleep with a smile gracing my rosy, previously wound up, face.

I'm glad I remembered.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010



you don't even know.

I'm SO excited.

and a lil teeny sad?

but more excited.

and a bit uncertain.

but SUPER excited.

and here's the news you may hate me for....

I can't tell you about it yet.



or the day after.

on another note... my friend Cheryl has been visiting this weekend, and it's been real nice. literally. how do you say the word literally...? Cheryl says it as though she were from England. and I maybe make fun of her a wee bit for it. anyway.

today we went on a horse ride. we rode horses.... or however you would word that. basically, we got to be cowboys. cowgirls. you know. and it was SO awesome! it was so wonderful and I can tell you a bit more why....

spring came along this year.... as it does every year.... and it made me happy..... this
also happens every year. I like sunshine and outside and nice things like those. anyway.... I can't even remember how we came upon the subject.... maybe we never did. maybe I just randomly blurted out my thoughts.... that very well could have happened.... it has in the past and maybe will continue to happen... every now and then. maybe. anyway. I said... no I declared that this summer.... well, this is how it happened, "I will ride a horse this summer. if it's the last thing I do. I promise." so yesterday, Cheryl and I were sitting and chilling in a cafe, (I say cafe because it sounds better... cooler... than Starbucks.... but, really... who are we kidding. it was Sunday) and I briefly lamented to her about how I hadn't yet rode a horse and I was unsure as to how I would be able to keep my promise to ride a horse this summer.
so, we did what any smart, young girls would do, and googled it. we found this awesome little place and did a mini-road trip to get there...

it. was. amazing.....
if you haven't ridden a horse into the open prairies in awhile... well, you should.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


tonight. well, I barely made it here to tell you about tonight... lets just put it that way.

actually let me put it to you the way I put it to my friend via facebook:

"Billy Joe.

I. just. ran.

I. almost. died.

I. won't. be. able. to. walk. tomorrow.

I pushed. maybe to hard? I don't know if that's something you can do. But if it is, my body is now telling me that I did. I'm afraid of what it's going to tell me tomorrow. I ran about 1 km without stopping. then walked back across the bridge, then ran another half km home.

I'll have to think more about this running business.

'cause right now I can't walk."

tonight. I ran.
tonight. I almost died.

I love running. BUT I never do it.... so I'm not very good at it. here's the deal though.... in about 5 weeks there will be a run here in the city that raises money.. for a good cause. it's not too hardcore... like, if I ran often, it could be a very doable thing. but I don't. but it's for a good cause. SO... I may try to see if I can whip myself into shape in time to do this. 'cause.... it's a good cause.... right? right guys?

we'll see.

let's just say that my legs are telling me not to sign up quite yet.....

Friday, September 3, 2010


it's late, and I'm surprisingly grumpy. it's mostly in a surface sort of way. or so I tell myself. maybe it's just the compilation of too many little things... or not so little things.... coming together to make a great .... or not so great at all.... symphony.

last night I chopped off my friends hair at about 1 in the am. today, I told another friend about that, and he said you should never make big decisions after 10. pm. I agree. not that I always show that I agree with my actions, but the logic is solid.

so maybe my grump roots partially from the lack of sleep.... as it is somewhat difficult to sleep-in in my bright, new, big windowed apartment. or maybe it started there and escalated when I got frustrated. with others, sure, but much moreso with myself. I've had too many of those days lately. actually, today was a most lovely sort of day. mostly. I just. get tired. sometimes. I'm figuring out a some things.... a couple that may be very exciting. I'll tell you more about them when I know more about them. but until then, they'll have to be my little secret.

maybe I'm grumpy because I'm so annoyed with my dreams. not like, the goals-in-life kind of dreams... no, I'm talking about the close-my-eyes-and-sleep-tonight sort of dreams. they are vivid. and wild. and amazing really. and I would really like to just not dream tonight. ya know?

I miss my best friends. and my old friends. maybe that's why I'm grumpy. I think I'm tending to look at everything with my "half-empty" glasses on tonight. so I should count my blessings... as they are many.... soooo many. and just go to bed. cause you should never make an important decision after 10. pm. someone once told me that.

time to lay down the grump.

you have been so good to me. thank-you. thank-you for your love. thank-you for your friendship. thanks for your astounding patience. thank-you for your faithfulness. thanks for the most beautiful September 2nd. thank-you for work. and dreams.... the looking forward kind. thank-you for your perfect timing. thank-you for good, godly friends. thank-you for big windows. thanks for a cool roommate and yummy supper. thanks for vision, and sunshine, and the smell of freshly mowed sweetgrass. thanks for laughter and late night Timmie's runs in a funny vehicle. thanks for good memories, and for growth. thanks for music and walking. and coffee and journals. thanks for wisdom, and peace. thanks for warm hoodies on cold nights. thanks for a river I can explore. thanks for family. and new life. thanks for holding my hand. thanks for being a warm blanket when that's all I need.