Friday, April 8, 2011

ladybug.... s.

it's spring here in my lovely city. the signs are everywhere. *I'm choosing to completely ignore the snowfall that lasted the entire day yesterday. it was probably just a foggy winter memory.... I was probably subconsciously missing winter.... and imagined the whole thing. in fact, I'm quite sure that's what happened.* anyway.... today, at work, I was on "supervision" for recess.... twice. fridays are the only day I'm on in both the morning and the afternoon, and when it was bitterly cold, I dreaded that duty. but, as I said, spring is taking the city by storm. and today, the ladybugs showed me that. and when I say ladybugs I mean ladybugs with a capitol S. I have never seen so many! it's exciting. and the kids.... well, you would have thought that they were finding diamonds in the leaves.... and they treasured them (in their own smothering sort of way) as those each ladybug had a little heart inside that was filled with feelings... this morning, one little boy had his hands cupped, with a little ladybug crawling around inside.... I asked if it had a name... and he said, "yeah, I named him Rosie." while all the other kids were collecting as many as they could and continually searching for more, he was content to love this one. he spent the whole time walking around with it, petting it like it was a kitten. talking in the little i-love-you sort of voice. you know the kind I mean. we set them free (even if they were mildly scarred) when we went inside and I told the kids we could find them again during the next recess. so, later, when we went back out, this same boy asked me, "Mrs. Cochrane..... can you help my find the baby ladybug...?" I said, "oh, the one you had this morning... Rosie?" "yea.." he said. I said I would.... so we begin rummaging through the leaves left from last fall, along with all the other children. I found my very first ladybug this spring.... (and it didn't take long) and asked him if this was "the one". he said, "oh! yeah!" and I give it to him, and he says, "hello Rosie! I missed you!" and presumed his playground stroll with his dear pet Rosie.... the man ladybug.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

lack of google.

it used to go like this. a question or a thought would sprout in my mind....  and I would wonder about it. with that wondering in hand, I would walk to my computer and type a few key words into la google search engine and discover a whole plethora of information which would either answer my question or expand my vast knowledge into even vaster-ness. now... well, things have changed. I no longer have free internet that I can borrow from a neighbor. (they must have added a password. I'm glad for them... really. it's so much smarter to have a password these days. I'm not sure why... I just imagine that it is. smarter that is.) so now, things are different. I check the weather by opening my window. I have a thought or a question.... and it sits there. and I mull it over... and let the thoughts wander and grow and become creative. and I wonder. and then I wonder some more. and then I forget. which is sort of like an endless wondering... because, you see.... when the computer is in front of me and the internet is available, I'll have forgotten my urgent question. and all the wondering that I did, is all I did. for that moment. then the thought will come back, hopefully at another inopportune time, and I will allow it to grow more....  and more and more and more... because, one day.... it'll grow so big, it can't help but bloom into something beautiful..

*serious side note*- and not really serious.... but seriously to the side:
woah. I just discovered that the blinky typing stick..... you know... the one that follows the last letter you wrote.... blinks in time to my ticking alarm clock. each second. 

also, the internet really is a wonderful place. even a wonder-ful place. full of knowledge. and wonder. but I just think it's sometimes nice to not have an instant answer for the question that has barely been born. sometimes it's nice to have to wonder.