Friday, April 13, 2012

a grand day.

this was a BIG part of my day.....

some people believe this piece of art has developed over the past... oh i don't know... billion years or so. cute. but utterly ridiculous. i hope they grow out of that.

while we were on the shuttle bus, a couple deer waltzed across the road. they must have felt like royalty. everyone (except me and my very Albertan family) was letting out little gasps of exclamation and excitement. and a half a dozen "awww"s. i was glad for them that they could be so awed by a couple deer. i actually love deer.... i think they're so graceful and elegant. but... after seeing.... like one million... well, the gasps of excitement are reserved for other things these days.

the grand canyon is entirely grand. "grand" hardly seems adequate. it should be called "the exquisite canyon". maybe. or the "God-clearly-designed-this canyon". my mom accurately pointed out that this was the rocky mountains.... inverted.

simply stunning.

you try to take pictures that would do it justice. and fail miserably. if this ever happens to you... please just know you're not failing due to a lack of talent... no, it's due to the vast.... vastness... and grandness... and... and... general big-impressive-stunningness. all that refuses to be captured inside your lens.

today i heard the sound of the winds charging and parading and rushing and hurrah-ing through the grand canyon. i peered over the edge and felt the gusts woosh around me, press against me. suggest pushing me over that  edge.

and i felt so small.

i think it's healthy for us to remember we are small.
we are oh-so-small. and we cannot survive in this big world with it's bigger issues and storms and even biggest delights. it's all too much. and we are so small. we need Someone who is BIG. more, way more than big enough. so big, He chiseled the vast... grandeur.. of the grand canyon. He chose the shades that would delight the eye. He designed plants and wildlife that could thrive there. He is.... quite impressive. to say the most very least. so He's BIG... and we're small. but... in His eyes... we are significant. He wants to cradle us during the storms. we.... we are the apple of His eye. His best work of art. His most precious treasure. how marvelous?!

go to the canyon of grandeur. take your camera if you like. and remember again how small you are. it's wonderful.

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