Sunday, April 15, 2012

new ringtone.

i made a new ringtone for my phone tonight! you may not consider this to be a very big accomplishment. but.... i'm not the techie in the family... my brother is. i'm quite capable (usually) but just not as "into" it as some other people i know... and i usually just let the "into" it people be... you know... "into" it... and i can stay out of it. and it still gets done. it's handy. but tonight i made a ringtone. all by myself. well.... i suppose i had a little youtube help. anyway... it's quite simple. here's the video i used. and i chose to use the first 28 seconds of "talk of the town" by jack johnson. i'm sure there's a way to link those 28 seconds here, but i don't want to overkill my tech-learning abilities. so if you care to hear it, you can call me when you're with me, or do your own researching.

also... i'm thinking about printing instagram photos... and doing something with them... i kind of like some of them... you know? any ideas? also.... and has anyone compared instagram and hipstagram? i'm thinking about giving histagram a whirl... but i love instagram. danny_elle .... feel free to browse.

( i don't think i have enough readers to shout out random questions.... sooo .... cheryl.. :) what do YOU think..?)

and last also... well, maybe the last one... mmm.. maybe not..? maybe-last-also: television. i'm not a big fan. actually... not really a fan at all. we don't have cable and i don't miss it at all. i'm not even kidding. i have never wished... not even once... that we had cable. i have been cable free for about two and a half years. it's just the best. working at the library helps... i can grab a dvd series if i want of what i want. and watch it when i want. it still doesn't happen that often, what with life being busy, and i usually have other things i enjoy doing (like reading) or should be doing (like cleaning). but.... BUT.... if you want to watch a wonderful series.... then you should watch this one. it's called "pushing daisies".  it's only two seasons long (which is good i think.. it could have gotten dull if it was any longer). and it's so unique. there's a narrator with an accent and the main characters wear swell outfits. it's sort of about death, but so lighthearted. so.... a happy morbid... ? i'm not into gore at all. blehhh. so believe me when i say it's oddly lighthearted. i just... really enjoyed it. and i want you to enjoy it too. it's so different from other tv. which is a plus in my eyes.

and finally. (honest) yesterday, we went to the phoenix public library. wow. just.... wow. wow. wow. we originally went there because my mom saw on some website out there in webland that they have some special sort of l.e.d. lights in the bathroom. we only had about 20 minutes to explore and it just so happened that the lights were broken. we managed to find a couple that were working in the last 2 minutes, but honestly, they were... nothing to blog home about. but the rest of that library was..... utterly fan.tas.tic. i ran up to the fifth floor... the top floor. i was like a kid in a candy store... a librarian in a library. so... let me list a few of the ways they are amazing.
-the have these like.... parking shelter things here. i guess it gets so hot that a lot of the shopping centers that don't have park-aides have a sort of car port roof over the whole row of parked cars. but. the library goes beyond that. they have solar panels on all of them. and why wouldn't they?! brilliant.
-two of the four sides of the five story building are windows walls. not walls with windows. windows are the walls. so you have this amazing view of the city AND heaps of natural light. brilliant.
-they have these little glass "study rooms" so you can have a quiet place to study. because, contrary to popular belief, the library is not a quiet place so much these days.
-they have inspirational quotes painted on the hall when you walk in. you know... about reading and important things like that.
-they have put big numbers on the sides of the shelving units (in addition to the dewy-decimal numbers). so instead of trying to explain the dewy-decimal system, they can simply say, "isle 32". easy.
-oh! oh! oh! when summer solstice happens the light comes in these skylights at just the right angle to hit these cement pillars and they look like GIGANTIC candles with a little flame lit on the top. and they only use minimal lighting... above all the super-tidy-and-not-overly-crowded-shelves. and over desks. and by nifty couches.
-they've figured out how to make self-check-outs seamless. this is a big deal.

and i could probably go on and on. more than i already have. but i only had twenty minutes to be amazed. here's a couple photos for you. the little person is my mom.

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I'm not a little person!! I'm tall. very tall.