Friday, April 13, 2012


i'm not usually that much of a mall person. i can go months without visiting the mall in my hometown. i lovelovelove to not spend heaps of money on clothes. yep, this girl, right here, loves ross and value village and such. love the deals, love the uniqueness. so overall, not too much of a mall person. BUT when i'm on holidays, we usually hit up a mall or two. today we went to a very... "posh" mall. when there are fresh flowers on the tables in the food court... well, you know you should have brushed your hair. maybe brought out the fake diamonds. we all decided to meet back at the "food court" in an hour. i went off and found the most affordable shop.... forever 21. and was totally overwhelmed.

lately i've been discovering this.... problem i have. i've been discovering that i have... oh i don't know.... ocd tendencies....? or we could just say i have a touch of quirkiness..? i've been noticing it in lots of areas... varying degrees. and mostly, i can shrug off or ignore the little thoughts pulling on my arm and demanding my attention. maybe i can expand on some of the other "quirks" another time. maybe it will get it out of my system to logically type it out and see how silly it all is. maybe? anyway.

i seem to need to "attack" a store... peruse..... browse... whatever.... in a ... thorough sort of way. go up and down the isles... front to back... left to right. and when i'm not able to use this system or it's really hard to implement.... i get... hm. i suppose i get stressed out. or something. like i might be missing things and didn't i already look down this rack and ooh, what about that one over there.. i totally missed that one! and i actually need to tell myself that it's not that big of a deal at all and chill out. if i'm supposed to find something, i will. and i have really a lot of things already and don't even need anything anyway and it's just fun to browse.

but... tell me. does anybody else out there get what i'm saying? or am i probably just verging on crazy. i think i'm verging!

so i spent the hour in forever 21 and came out with a pair of earrings. well, three actually. they came in the little set and you buy the little set because you like one of the three pairs of earrings. three pairs for under $4. worth it.

i would also just like to say. malls can be scary places. this is part of the reason why:
-the music is too loud and made for dancing not shopping. i've recently discovered i lovelovelove dancing. (thank-you "just dance") well, maybe i've always known it, but it's fun-ness has been recently magnified. so this music in the store is booming and i just want to be in my friends living room rocking out. in that setting, i like it. here, in the mall... it's like... they're trying to say "hurry, buy things, be cool, hurry hurry" and i strongly dislike that.
-the smells can be strong. walking past ambercrombie and fitch will probably give you a headache.
-when prices aren't advertised so you can see them whilst walking past, they're too high. just don't even be lured in.
-the models in the ads. okay so. if they're not... mmm... scandalous, they're scary in other ways. like... very skinny... and mad at you. i'd be mad too i guess if i was that skinny. i get grumpy enough if i don't eat every few hours.

but today, there were also lots of people who were kinder than their job required them to be. that was nice. so lesson. malls can be scary. but take heart. there are good people and cute earrings to be found.

another lesson from today. having the privilege to bake by the pool like a mud pie in august is an exceptionally wonderful gift.


Cheryl. said...

Two posts in the same week! I like it!

danny.elle. said...

also... i'm on holidays... you caught that part... ;) there's a reason for the freedom of time to write THREE posts in a week.... it's lovely.